What You Can Expect During Your Dental Implant Treatment with TeethXpress™

A new tooth root is created with each implant that’s placed. A surgical grade of titanium is used to craft your implant to assure that it’s a strong tooth replacement.

Implants are placed via oral surgery into your bone and gum tissue. After your implant site has healed, an abutment (post) is placed within your dental implant to hold your tooth structure on the surface of your gums.

Why You Can Rely on Dental Implants and TeethXpress™ to Restore Your Tooth Function

Your oral health is at risk the longer you delay the replacement of your missing teeth. Dental implants provide you long lasting tooth replacement and solution for restoring your tooth function and smile appearance.

Treatment with implants is more secure than a standard denture or dental bridge for missing teeth replacement. Each dental implant forms a new tooth root that also maintains the health of your bone and gum tissue.

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Your Solution for Missing Teeth Replacement Using Dental Implants with TeethXpress™ in Vidalia and Baxley

Your oral health, tooth function, and smile are threatened by tooth loss. You can solve your missing teeth condition with implants and the TeethXpress™ procedure that restores your teeth in a day in our Vidalia and Baxley dental office.

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The TeethXpress™ system relies on the stability of tooth implants that are strategically placed into your jawbone. Your overdenture can also be secured with implants to create a more stable tooth replacement in Vidalia and Baxley.

You have a cost-effective tooth replacement option with affordable dental implants. Our Vidalia and Baxley facility provides you a solution with the affordable TeethXpress™ and overdenture treatment.

Your first step is to schedule an initial oral examination to discuss your missing teeth and how dental implants can restore your tooth function with the TeethXpress™ process or stabilize your overdenture.

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