Replacement Options for Single Tooth Loss

A dental implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth. This can occur without altering your adjoining teeth. Placement of your dental implants is followed by the attachment of a post (abutment) to support a dental crown on top of your gums.


A dental implant and a crown

• Enhanced smile
• Ability to chew is restored
• Jawbone and healthy teeth are preserved
• Bone tissue is maintained


Treatment with a traditional dental crown & a dental bridge

• Smile is enhanced
• Grinding of your healthy teeth could be necessary for proper fit
• Under the bridge you can experience bone loss
• Cavities and tooth failure risks increase


Missing teeth not treated

• Smile affected
• Ability to chew is diminished or lost
• Bone loss can occur

How Your Tooth Function and Appearance are Restored with Dental Implants

Your implant treatment requires three steps. Full details will be provided during your oral examination.