What You Can Expect During Your Dental Implant Treatment with TeethXpress™

A new tooth root is created with each implant that’s placed. A surgical grade of titanium is used to craft your implant to assure that it’s a strong tooth replacement.

Implants are placed via oral surgery into your bone and gum tissue. After your implant site has healed, an abutment (post) is placed within your dental implant to hold your tooth structure on the surface of your gums.

What Makes Treatment with Dental Implants a Secure Tooth Replacement?

Your oral health is at risk when you ignore missing teeth. The health of your bone and gum tissue is maintained with implant placement.

It’s essential to your dental implant treatment that you have good general health and healthy gums and jawbone. Your initial examination will observe each.

What Advantages Can You Expect with Implant Treatment?

Your tooth function and smile are securely restored when using dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Implants are also a secure solution for supporting your full mouth procedure or an overdenture.

The new tooth created by your implant supports your tissue health. After your tissue heals post implant placement, your new, full set of permanent teeth will provide restored eating, chewing, and smiling ability.

Dental Implant Basics

Your bone and gum tissue health are supported by the new tooth root created by a dental implant.

The implants used in your full mouth or overdenture treatment contain a new tooth root (the implant), an abutment (the post), and both combine to support your full arch of new, permanent teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw.

Dental implant treatment fully restores your tooth function and appearance while supporting your ongoing bone and gum tissue health.

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